We made it to the Grand Canyon!

After a very long day, at 6.30 pm yesterday we drove the Toledo back to Grand View Point at the Grand Canyon where it was first seen 112 years ago.


Tom Martin, who picked up our idea to try to run the original route back in May, not only became the facilitator and organiser of whole event but also the official photographer!  Have a look at Tom’s Facebook page for far better and in fact stunning photos of our progress.



. IMG_1797

The back up team–all volunteers who we had never met before who worked tirelessly with Tom Martin’s direction.



Start of Day 2 on the Babbit Ranch.




Come across the plains…



Cloud build up and now wet and muddy..



Look at the state of the car!



Back into the forest for the last 15 or so miles..



Finally there, Chris at sunset on the South Rim


Recreation of the original 1902 pic….


Stunning view…


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