Testing at the Camel Valley house

Nick dismantled a load of things…water pump, fuel pump, link rod to the Stephenson mechanism. He is trying to find a balance between the amount of steam going into the engine NOT being wet steam but dry superheated. Apart from this the boiler plate is playing up..instead of the flame being above the plate…rather like a gas cooker you see a blue flame above the burner, there has been some blowback where the fuel ignites underneath the plate…which means the plate starts to glow red hot and not something which is desirable. Maybe some of the jets are sooted up…..who […]

Judgement Day at Pebble Beach.

Sunday and show time at Pebble Beach. We are up at 5 and get to the car at 6:45. We have to be on the stand at 8 so we need to get going….so Nick starts to yack away and I have to egg him on to get the thing fired up! I fill up with water and bung another gallon of Coleman’s in the tank..that should do…we are only going just down the road! Officials come up…are you going to be ready? Yeah. Yeah. Other cars are off, some being very gingerly driven with billowing plastic sheet covering roofs, […]

Saturday of the weekend at Pebble Beach. 2

Well, actually, it is 6am on Monday morning, 18th August, so I have to rewind back to Saturday and go on from there. Today’s main aim was to try out the alternative fuel and then to clean the car ready for the main event on Sunday. We were offered two gallon cans of Coleman’s camp fuel, basically Naptha or white gas. We drained the tanks, poured it in and I had the pleasure of hand pumping air until the pressure was 45psi. This is about as bad as pumping iron in the gym, although my mind wandered to dreaming that […]


A few of Jay Leno’s classic car collection

Another White, restored in the ’50’s and now with some patina; engine being rebuilt.   Dodge Challenger; remember the film “Vanishing Point”? ….   WHAT!!!! The size of this thing is hard to appreciate but to give you an idea the front track must be about 7′ 6″ .   Fiat, aero engined monster.   See what I mean…   Chris on a bar stool doing naff all in “the (work) shop”?       No, he’s having lunch in “the shop’s” own kitchen area!

14th and 15th August

Yes I know it appears that I have missed a day which is true but yesterday was so busy that I was unable to catch up on the blog. So I will rewind back to yesterday, 14th August. I got up at 3am and wrote the notes for 13th August. Finished at 5 when the alarm went off for us to get up and get out to Pebble Beach. We arrived at 6am. We chattered to fellow steamers, got the Toledo out and went off to have coffee and donuts…a typical American breakfast. Your browser does not support iframes. Nick […]

Tuesday August 13th.

As yesterday was so hot, taking off the jocks was a bit like you had depilatory wax strips in them, so a clean pair was in order! Just going to pack the bags, check out and head off to Jay’s so we can load up the Toledo and head off north to Carmel where we expect Clint Eastwood to welcome us at his ranch. Should be good! Go on! Make my day!