Lone Pine to……(part 2)


Death Valley. 200′ below sea level.



And we drove only about 80 miles of it ….


Death Valley Badwater Creek

Badwater Creek, in Death Valley. Though not aptly named apparently, I didn’t taste it….



Bro Chris, tooling around……



Hoover Dam 1

Some Dam eh!


Needles Pirate Cove 4


Same day, same temperatures –98 to 105 F—but arrival at Pirate’s Cove Resort Needles.

Nice little wooden cabin at the edge of the beach next to the sea?

No a nice plastic –all of it–“wooden” cabin, on a false beach spread over plastic sheeting on a man made inlet off the Colorado River.

Outside temperature over 100F, inside all air conditioned. Place would be like a Kettle’s crisp in no time if the electricity packed up…

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