Lone Pine to Needles, via the Hoover Dam

As I am the chauffeur and often driving all day long, Chris is the camera and PR man, but it seems he finds it easier to post to his Facebook page than it is to post here so I had better catch up a bit….

Lone Pine, where we stayed on Saturday night, is in a long dry valley in California. It’s main claim to fame seems to be that many of the early Westerns were filmed there with actors such as Gene Autry, Clark Gable, John Wayne–a few films– but all of The Lone Ranger series! More recently Gladiator seems to be the only title that I recognised….

We drove a few hundred miles yesterday from Lone Pine, via Death Valley and the Hoover Dam to get to Needles on part of old Route 66.

Lone PIne…..


On route to Lone Pine


Miles of Naff all in places and the roads as straight as an arrow…




Down from the Sierra Nevada mountains to a dessert..



Yosemite road out over top

Then over the next mountain range


Stovepipe Wells 3

StovePipe Wells, great name, tiny layby/stop just before Death Valley.


Stovepipe Wells after Death Valley

And it is at Sea Level  !






Gas guzzler, 10 mpg I worked out yesterday; they don’t tell you that at the rental company.


More miles of naff-all. One bit was 16 miles straight before we, joyfully, came to a bend.




Dessert and mountain at Stovepipe Wells






Stovepipen Wells

Next restoration project? Only slight surface rust as well…

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