Monday morning and what are those!

  Yep, this is the time for days and days that we have seen clouds! And though you can’t seem them there are eight buzzards circling around looking for their breakfast. Forecast looks a bit dire for area around Flagstaff tomorrow, thunderstorms, heavy rain etc etc. Makes us feel quite at home really!

USA trip--Needles, CLOUDS!


Lone Pine to……(part 2)

Death Valley. 200′ below sea level.   And we drove only about 80 miles of it ….   Badwater Creek, in Death Valley. Though not aptly named apparently, I didn’t taste it….   Bro Chris, tooling around……     Some Dam eh!     Same day, same temperatures –98 to 105 F—but arrival at Pirate’s Cove Resort Needles. Nice little wooden cabin at the edge of the beach next to the sea? No a nice plastic –all of it–“wooden” cabin, on a false beach spread over plastic sheeting on a man made inlet off the Colorado River. Outside temperature over […]

Lone Pine to Needles, via the Hoover Dam

As I am the chauffeur and often driving all day long, Chris is the camera and PR man, but it seems he finds it easier to post to his Facebook page than it is to post here so I had better catch up a bit…. Lone Pine, where we stayed on Saturday night, is in a long dry valley in California. It’s main claim to fame seems to be that many of the early Westerns were filmed there with actors such as Gene Autry, Clark Gable, John Wayne–a few films– but all of The Lone Ranger series! More recently Gladiator […]

Yosemite road out over top

Arizona Daily Sun article, 23rd August 2014

Nice piece about our USA trip to date and the proposed and original 1902 one to The Grand Canyon in today’s Arizona Daily Sun

Al Doyle, Arizona’s forgotten Guide.

Thanks are mainly due to one man, Al Doyle of Flagstaff, for the actual route that Chris and I are hoping to take in the Toledo, through the forest and along the old stage coach trail to the Grand Canyon. Mr Doyle also planned and went on the car on the original journey in January 1902; it was his local knowledge of cabins, creeks and the landscape that kept the party alive during the, unexpected, four day trip that had been planned as an afternoon out!   Credit should be given to my source of the Real West magazine and […]

Schedule of events planned at Flagstaff

Here is the wonderful schedule of timings and places that we intend to be at when we visit Flagstaff next week to do our re-run of the 1902 trip to the Grand Canyon.   Tom Martin, in Flagstaff, has put this together with some wonderful assistance from Brian Blue, and they even drove the route to check it out–and found a couple of hard places that we should avoid…… ¬†See the schedule here

Follow our route from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon

For you good folks who wish to see where we are planning to go, here is a link to show you the route for the Flagstaff to Grand Canyon challenge  next week. The red line is the drivable route, the yellow one the original trail. FlagStaff to the Grand Canyon