Nick Howell

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Pebble Beach, The Chairman’s Trophy.

Sandra Button, Chairman of Pebble Beach Concours, presents us with The Chairman’s Trophy. Jay Leno was the compere. He was not only a great help to us when we arrived in the US but also a generous and gracious host. (Actually we had a ball playing cars for a few days!)            On “The Lawn”, with everyone gone….         And The Trophy is useful too!

We made it to the Grand Canyon!

After a very long day, at 6.30 pm yesterday we drove the Toledo back to Grand View Point at the Grand Canyon where it was first seen 112 years ago.   Tom Martin, who picked up our idea to try to run the original route back in May, not only became the facilitator and organiser of whole event but also the official photographer!  Have a look at Tom’s Facebook page for far better and in fact stunning photos of our progress.     . The back up team–all volunteers who we had never met before who worked tirelessly with Tom […]


Down town in Flagstaff with the Toledo

  We had a lovely reception committee awaiting us at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel–more about them tomorrow–but they asked us if we could steam downtown to old Flagstaff to meet some historians, Richard and Sherry Mangum, sho have written some wonderful and well researched books on Flagstaff history. They very kindly gave us three copies of their “Grand Canyon -Flagstaff, the Stage Coach Line” which includes Lippincott’s original trip in 1902 with the Toledo, that we hope to re-run starting on Tuesday. Neil Weintrub, who had previously given us information about streams and tanks and water sources on the route, […]

From Yosemite to Flagstaff 20 to 25th August.

Out ‘time out’ session after Pebble Beach was to spend three days in Yosemite Valley. We saw the giant sequoia in Mariposa, which were really wonderful. We drove to Glacier Point and looked down over 3000 feet to the valley floor below and were bowled over by the awesome ( a much overused word, but in this case, totally appropriate) result of glacial action on the granite rock. We then went on the trail up to two waterfalls, the Vernal and Nevada. I say we, but actually Nick decided that an 800 foot climb was enough so I got to […]

Monday morning and what are those!

  Yep, this is the time for days and days that we have seen clouds! And though you can’t seem them there are eight buzzards circling around looking for their breakfast. Forecast looks a bit dire for area around Flagstaff tomorrow, thunderstorms, heavy rain etc etc. Makes us feel quite at home really!

USA trip--Needles, CLOUDS!


Lone Pine to……(part 2)

Death Valley. 200′ below sea level.   And we drove only about 80 miles of it ….   Badwater Creek, in Death Valley. Though not aptly named apparently, I didn’t taste it….   Bro Chris, tooling around……     Some Dam eh!     Same day, same temperatures –98 to 105 F—but arrival at Pirate’s Cove Resort Needles. Nice little wooden cabin at the edge of the beach next to the sea? No a nice plastic –all of it–“wooden” cabin, on a false beach spread over plastic sheeting on a man made inlet off the Colorado River. Outside temperature over […]