Daily Archives: August 22, 2014

Al Doyle, Arizona’s forgotten Guide.

Thanks are mainly due to one man, Al Doyle of Flagstaff, for the actual route that Chris and I are hoping to take in the Toledo, through the forest and along the old stage coach trail to the Grand Canyon. Mr Doyle also planned and went on the car on the original journey in January 1902; it was his local knowledge of cabins, creeks and the landscape that kept the party alive during the, unexpected, four day trip that had been planned as an afternoon out!   Credit should be given to my source of the Real West magazine and […]

Schedule of events planned at Flagstaff

Here is the wonderful schedule of timings and places that we intend to be at when we visit Flagstaff next week to do our re-run of the 1902 trip to the Grand Canyon.   Tom Martin, in Flagstaff, has put this together with some wonderful assistance from Brian Blue, and they even drove the route to check it out–and found a couple of hard places that we should avoid…… ┬áSee the schedule here